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This article was written by our guest contributor Eric Dubois. It shows an awesome, simple technique to create a riser effect: resample a sound, make it rise using Live’s Simpler Instrument and add some depth to it with the Chord Effect.


Creating A Riser In Ableton 1

Have you ever been stuck trying to compose a good transition between two drastic changes in a song? Can’t find anything that will allow you to introduce the new section besides a basic EQ sweep? It happens to me quite often… Here is a little trick I use to help me build a good transition that will automatically fit the song and allow me to transition to something unexpected!


Finding The Sound


I am working on a beat for an artist who wants a drastic build and change for the chorus. Here is a sample of the riser we will create:


Find a sound in your track that we could use to transform into a riser. I am going to use these strings:


Once you have found the perfect sound, resample it using your resampling track. Now you are ready to create your riser.

Creating A Riser In Ableton 2

I decided to use the sound of “guitar” track.


Creating The Riser


First, create a new midi track (ctrl + shift + T) and drag and drop your sample directly on to your midi track.

Creating A Riser In Ableton 1

I called this new midi track “Riser”.


Your first step will be to loop it! You want the sound to keep playing as long as you want. In order to do so click the “loop” icon and set the perfect setting that sounds right for you.

Creating A Riser In Ableton 4

I have also raised the volume up a bit


In order to achieve the rising effect we are going to use the Pitch Envelope. Click on the little box next to the “Pitch” tab (below the Volume and Filter tabs). Put the attack all the way to 20s and set the release to the maximum as well. These will set the rise and fall of your riser.

Creating A Riser In Ableton 5


Once you click on the Pitch tab, you will notice the Env section is now available (lower right corner next to the Spread knob and under the LFO. This is your “Pitch envelope”. Select the maximum +48st. If you hold down a note on your keyboard you will hear it rise all the way up to the second octave in 20 seconds (which corresponds to our Attack setting). Once you let go of that, it will fall back to its original position according to the time set by the Release.

Creating A Riser In Ableton 6

 You might not hear the falling point. To fix that, go to the Volume tab and raise up your release. You can also raise up the Attack to create a fade in.

Here is how your Simpler should look now:

Creating A Riser In Ableton 7


Advice: If you want a more drastic Riser, you can set the LFO on your volume parameter! By setting a high attack on your LFO it will create a more and more intense wave!

Creating A Riser In Ableton 8


Adding Some Effects


This is the time for you to be creative! Adding delays and reverbs can really spice up your riser. Here are some of my fundamentals:


- EQ : set a LowPass filter around 9 or 10khz to cut out all the high ends that can make your ears bleed!

Creating A Riser In Ableton 9


- Reverb and Ping Pong Delay: This will add a little more life to your riser

Creating A Riser In Ableton 10


- Chord Midi Effect: this will add depth and power to your one note riser!

Creating A Riser In Ableton 11


Sidechain Compression: To blend the riser in to your mix


And there you go. I hope this little tip has helped you out! You can do this with any sound so experiment! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or email me directly! Thanks again and be CREATIVE!


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  • David C Ramsey

    Hey Eric,

    This tutorial on how to make a riser was absolutely wonderful. I searched through two or three others and really felt like I had wasted my time. I’m doing a bunch of jazz tunes shaped with Trap forms that I freestyle rap over. I needed to create a riser out of a classic sizzling ride cymbal and now I have a perfect one. Thanks so much.



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