Let’s produce 09: Tech House Vibe



Hello producers, how’s it going? Episode 09 from the Let’s produce series will focus on a simple Tech House Beat. We’ll start from programming the drums and then we’ll add a 3-notes bass-line pattern. We finish off by looping one beat of a vocal loop and adding some synths on top.

The post is structured in 4 parts:

  1. Drums
  2. Bass
  3. Vocal
  4. Synth

This episode is also available in video format. All MIDI patterns are provided so follow along with your samples and instruments. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment or get in touch with us: hi@promusicproducers.com. Okay then, let’s start!







STEP 1 - We’ll be using a tempo of 126 BPM. We start off with a basic four on the floor pattern for the kick, and with two claps, one being triggered slightly off-grid:


It sounds like this:


STEP 2 - Now extend the length of the clip to 2 bars. We’ll be triggering two snare samples at the end of the first bar. It won’t sound alright now, but we’ll add some swing in the next step:


It sounds like this:


STEP 3 - Access the “Swing and Groove” folder from the Core Library, and from the “Logic” sub-folder, select the “Logic 16 Swing 65″ preset. Drag and drop the swing preset on the clip and from the Groove Pool, adjust the Global Amount to 80%. In the actual project, it is only the clap group that is affected. You should hear the difference now:


It sounds like this:


STEP 4 – Now let’s add a basic open hat off-beat:


It sounds like this:


STEP 5 – Here I’m using four closed hat samples in a pattern of sixteenth notes to get some groove going. We’ll be using the same swing effect on this clip as well, so hear the difference when the groove is applied:


By default, it sounds like this:


With swing, it sounds like this:


STEP 6 - Now let’s add a simple, one-bar pattern for our percussion. Most of the percussion samples are triggered off-beat, with two on the fourth sixteenth. The same swing is applied to this clip:


It sounds like this:


STEP 7 – Finally, let’s top this up with a ride sample. Notice the velocity automation that simulates the side-chain compression effect. The drum group is glued together with the Glue Compressor audio effect in Live:


It sounds like this:


 2) BASS


The bass follows a simple, half-bar pattern of three notes, E2 – G2 – E3. There is a lot of side-chain compression on this sound:


It sounds like this (notice the side-chain compression):


What we have so far:


 3) Vocals


For some Tech-House style vocals, I selected a random vocal loop, pitched it down 2 semitones and looped just one beat of the entire loop. You can see the process in the video. It is sort of an off-beat vocal shot loop:


It sounds like this:


What we have so far:




STEP 1 – The synth will follow the same pattern and notes from the bass-line (notice the highlighted notes). The entire sequence is duplicated 7 semitones above:


It sounds like this:


STEP 2 - To get a simple variation, double the off-beat group of notes in the first half of the bar:


It sounds like this:


 The End


So there you go. Hope you got some inspiration out of this. Let me know if you have any suggestions or requests for future episodes in the comments below. Finally, if you found this post useful, don’t forget to share it!

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